Our Process

Every great relationship begins with ‘hello’. After completing the intake form and booked your discovery call, we follow a seamless workflow to offer you our very best service.


On our initial call, we take the time to understand your brand, your story and what is most important to you. This is crucial as it establishes the foundation of our relationship by first checking if we are a fit. If the glove fits, we continue the conversation by providing you with a tailored quotation of your needs.

Upon receipt of your approval and (non-refundable) deposit, we send you a formal proposal that requires your digital signature along with the invoice. Upon receipt of the signed proposal, we will send our welcome package and onboard you into our system.


After our (electronic) handshake, we conduct extensive market research to understand your industry as well as the top players to understand their business model and the secret to their success. We leverage this information to create a digital persona that clearly positions your brand to attract your ideal clients while setting you apart from your competitors.


We translate our findings into sitemaps and wireframes that visually communicate the overall website structure and page placement details. We may take a mobile-first approach if your audience is going to be visiting your website primarily from mobile devices. Once completed, we present the solution to you for approval. Once approved, we move to the next and the most exciting stage, which is development!


Our creative web developers translate the design plans into a live website on a staging server that is shared with you. We follow the agile methodology by building the site in iterative phases while keeping you informed and requesting your feedback every step of the way.

Step 5


Once the website is completed and we receive your final approval, we prep the website for migration from our server by conducting extensive tests to ensure that your website is free of bugs or latency issues. We also test to ensure that your website is easily searchable and renders seamlessly on all devices and platforms.


Once testing is completed and all systems are green-lit, we migrate the website onto your domain and hosting account and conduct final testing to check that all things are connected and running smoothly. Using our pre-launch checklist, we install critical software and integrations including Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console for effective tracking of site visits and performance.

Once migration is completed, we inform you and you take it from there to announce your dashing new website to the world and we celebrate (…may we suggest a bottle of champagne)!

Maintain & Grow

After your website is launched, we prepare video tutorials along with site guided documents to help you manage your website.

We also offer site maintenance packages that include weekly health checks, automated site monitoring and monthly support calls after the complimentary 60-day site maintenance included in your package concludes.