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Zee Beauty




Web Design, Ecommerce

About the Project

Zaynab Logun, the face behind Zee Beauty Studio is a professional hair stylist whose passion for hair transcends just making hair, as she ensures to foster personal connections with each and every client that sits in her chair to help them discover their inner beauty. Their mission is beautifying black women.


Though Zee Beauty has a regular influx of clients, they were experiencing significant issues managing last minute bookings and cancellations. This was slowing down the business process and eroding her profit, as it was difficult replacing clients on such short notice. They needed an intuitive, simplified online booking process to streamline operations and elevate user experience.

Our Approach

Drawing upon our expertise in web design and ecommerce development, we meticulously crafted an online experience that mirrors the sophistication and allure of Zee Beauty Studio. We curated a visually stunning website, adorned with captivating imagery and intuitive navigation. We also implemented an enhanced online booking system, empowering patrons to effortlessly schedule their appointments with just a few clicks.


Through our collaborative efforts, Zee Beauty Studio's online presence blossomed into a digital oasis. From personalized add-ons to vibrant hair color selections, our ecommerce platform seamlessly integrated these features, providing patrons with a holistic and enriching beauty experience. The enhanced, seamless online booking system resulted in enhanced conversions and reduced user hurdles.

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