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About the project

Silverstein Wealth is a financial advisor that specializes in providing financial and wealth management consulting to clients. Some of their services include Public and Private Investments, Tax Strategy,  Insurance, Retirement Income and Estate Planning.

Though Silverstein Wealth provided impeccable financial advisory, there was no cohesive branding to the content shared on their social channels, particularly on instagram, and as a result there were misalignment, and often confusion in content disseminated. Without a clear, consistent brand identity, the messaging was often lost, diluting the overall impact of their communication efforts.

Recognizing this challenge, we, at Quant By Design, collaborated closely with Silverstein Wealth. Our goal was to create a cohesive branding strategy that was not only consistent but also reflective of the brand's core values and personality.

We worked with Silverstein Wealth to create a cohesive branding by infusing her personality with her brand colours to create clean, crisp and professional social media templates on CANVA. The resultant branding resonated deeply with Silverstein Wealth's ethos, delivering a unified and engaging visual narrative across its social media platforms.

Summary Results

The end result is a branding that is modern and effectively communicates their values proposition to her present and future clients: Integrity, Professionalism, Diligence.

“QBD has helped me create a professional, succinct, bold and visually appealing brand. I was blown away by how much better my page looked after using the templates created, it has a fresh feel and people gravitated towards it instantly.... the team helped me realize that good content is only the first step, but building a brand requires strategy and consistency.”

Akilah Silverstein-Allen
SIlverstein Wealth


Silverstein Wealth Brand Design
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