Poro Cosmetics

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Poro Cosmetics


Beauty & Cosmetics


Web Design, Ecommerce, Social Media, Marketing

About the Project

Founded by Helga Odatuwa, Poro Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand that carries an array of luxurious lipsticks including their highly coveted matte nude lip stain, praised for its long lasting coverage without the drying side-effects.


Poro Cosmetics needed a suitable e-commerce platform to penetrate the highly competitive luxury cosmetics market. The goal was establishing  a powerful online presence to effectively communicate its brand identity and showcase exclusive products.

Our Approach

Our team meticulously crafted an immersive e-commerce platform, showcasing Poro Cosmetics’s niche product range, while focusing on enhancing user experience. We enhanced the website with striking visual elements and thoughtfully curated content to engage visitors. By leveraging engaging content and using a data-driven approach, we transformed their social media presence.


The visually stunning website enabled Poro Cosmetics' to consolidate its niche appeal. The redesign elevated their digital identity, captivating visitors and reflecting the brand's commitment to beauty and luxury. Our robust social media strategy enabled the brand to expand its reach and foster a vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts.

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