Poro Cosmetics 2.0

Client name

Poro Cosmetics


Beauty & Cosmetics


Web Design, Ecommerce, Logo & Branding, SMM, SEO

About the Project

Poro Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand that carries an array of luxurious lipsticks including their highly coveted matte nude lip stain, praised for its long lasting coverage without the drying side-effects.


When Poro Cosmetics re-engaged with us, they sought a website overhaul. Despite boasting a top-tier product range, their current site lacked the sleekness needed to convey their brand's luxury and distinctiveness effectively. The user experience fell short, hindering customer engagement and sales. Additionally, their social media efforts lacked consistency, calling for a unified brand identity across all platforms.

Our Approach

We started by immersing ourselves in the Poro Cosmetics brand, understanding their mission, their target audience, and their unique selling propositions. Our team designed a luxury-focused, user-friendly website that not only showcased their products beautifully but also made navigation and purchase seamless. We also created a set of social media templates that echoed their brand's personality and aesthetics. Using responsive design, we ensured the website delivered a consistent and high-quality experience across all devices.


The new website and social media presence have made a significant impact on Poro Cosmetics' online presence. The more intuitive and visually appealing design led to an increase in website traffic and conversion rates, with a noticeable boost in sales. (Include actual numbers if possible). The client has also reported a surge in positive customer feedback and an increase in social media followers.

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