Parkway Car Wash

Parkway car wash

Parkway Car Wash



web design and branding revamp

Website, SEO, Print Designs

About Project

In the heart of North York, Ontario, Parkway Car Wash has been a cornerstone of top-notch car care since '67. Serving a diverse clientele, it provides a full spectrum of car wash and maintenance services, ensuring every vehicle receives the care it deserves.


Parkway Car Wash was grappling with a common challenge: a lackluster website and branding that were holding back their growth in a fiercely competitive market. It clearly needed a revamp to enhance the user experience and stand out from the crowd.

Our approach

Our team meticulously crafted a new website that not only showcased Parkway's range of services but also prioritized user experience by focusing on intuitive navigation, mobile optimization, and captivating visuals. We meticulously redesigned their logo, blending classic elements with modern aesthetics to evoke a sense of tradition and innovation. Consistent branding elements were applied across all touchpoints.


The sleek, mobile-optimized website truly reflects Parkway's commitment to superior car care, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction. Customers resonate with the refreshed branding, strengthening Parkway's position as a trusted car care provider in the community. Our branding revamp has deepened its connection with its audience, paving the way for continued success.

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