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About the project

Lekker Hospitality is a Canadian-based hospitality and events management company that provides tailored homestay accommodations with premium services including chauffeur and in-house chef to vacationers who prefer to rent a home rather than a hotel. Lekker Hospitality is looking to enter the luxury homestay market and needed a visual identity and website to distinguish them from competitors. They aim to position the brand as an inclusive luxury homestay company, as opposed to the exclusivity approach commonly noted in the space. They also needed an online booking platform to streamline their booking process so that their clients can seamlessly book their stay and be easily checked-in upon arrival.

Summary Results

The result is a cohesive brand design that positioned Lekker Hospitality to attract, convert and retain their ideal client by effectively communicating their service offering, leading to monthly increase in inquiries and bookings through the website.

The branding and website is exactly what we needed to establish our online presence to attract our ideal clientele, thank you so much!

Judith O.
Lead Hospitality Manager


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