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About the project

Jodabi Global is a Canadian real estate firm based in the greater Toronto area (GTA) providing the best living experiences through design-focused renovations and custom build homes.


As an established real estate player, Jodabi Global needed a brand identity refresh and a website that effectively communicates their quality offerings to their clients and positions them to attract, convert and retain prospects.


Our in-depth analysis of the brand, their goals, and target audience emphasized the need for a tailored branding and website redesign to reflect their commitment to providing exceptional living experiences. We incorporated a simplicity-focused design process to ensure their brand identity and website were intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, resonating with the ideal clients. Additionally, we implemented a responsive website design strategy and effective SEO measures to enhance conversion.


Incorporating a user-focused yet effective branding and web design strategy resulted in a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints, helping them stand tall in the competitive real estate market. The website now serves as a compelling tool for Jodabi Global, enabling them to attract, convert, and retain prospects more effectively.

About the brand